Streamlining government complexity, seamlessly.

Accelerating Procurement, Contracts, Grants, Budgeting For Government Agencies

Solve the most urgent problems facing your jurisdiction 50-70% faster by modernizing and automating document-centric processes. For procurement, contracts, grants, and budgeting. Unlock the data hidden in your documents and make that data available everywhere you need it. Get peace of mind with solutions purpose-built for government that focus on speed + compliance, insight, and accountability.

Why Authorium?

We provide a unique combination of expertise, modern processes, and technology built from the ground up for government. Our platform drastically reduces the time needed to produce complex document sets that form the backbone of your agency’s process flows for procurement, contracts, grants, and budgeting.

Documents produced using our platform come with built-in intelligence, to turn the hidden data in your documents into structured data for insertion into your systems of record. Our no-code, cloud-based platform helps government solve its urgent problems 50-70% faster without compromising compliance, insight, and oversight. Perfect for busy agencies with a mandate to do more with less.


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contracts, grants, budgeting


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grants running through our platform each year


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We Provide Solutions For


Create solicitations in less time; evaluate vendor submissions with ease. Ensure compliance and reduce risk.


Everything you need to power through contract production, administer the contract, and then manage it.


Streamline submissions and easily manage the grant administration process to bring more federal funds into your jurisdiction.


Accelerate budget documents and change requests; leverage built-in intelligence hidden inside your documents.

End-To-End Solutions

Everything you need to power through contract production, administer the contract, and then manage it.

Our Services

Our value doesn’t end with our platform. Authorium works side-by-side with CIOs, CPOs, Budget Directors, Administrative Directors and other Agency leaders to streamline the workflows around procurement, contracts, grants, and budgeting. From consulting and implementation to in-depth team training—we’re here to support you as you modernize your workflows for greater speed, insight, and accountability.

Professional Services

Let us take a closer look into your existing document-centered process, and help you improve agility, boost efficiency and provide peace of mind. You can depend on Authorium to assist with your toughest problems around procurement, contracts, grants, and budgeting.


We provide white-glove service to get your team up and running in weeks—not months. Smart, configurable templates capture your exact business logic and work flows. It’s your process. Automated.


Phased onboarding and training allows smaller groups the opportunity to truly learn how the Authorium platform for Document Process Automation will work for them to save time, ensure compliance, and reduce risk.

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About Us

Authorium is a mission-oriented company dedicated to modernizing government through technology. Over the past 9 years, Authorium has worked with over 50 governments (U.S. and Canada) including the State of California to accelerate procurement, contracting, grants, and budgeting. Our work enables government to spend more time-solving urgent problems and less time worrying about document production, compliance, oversight, and accountability.

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