Contract Lifecycle Management

Effectively manage contracts throughout their entire life span.

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Effectively manage contracts throughout their entire life span.

The Problem

The Problem

After a government agency or department awards a contract, program and procurement teams must ensure each contract is managed efficiently and effectively.

Government teams spend considerable time monitoring multiple systems and archaic record-keeping methods to track the delivery of required milestones, deliverables, deadlines, and performance. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult for a department to proactively monitor for issues and compliance and take action before problems occur.

Our Solution

Authorium’s platform optimizes the entire lifecycle of a contract. There is no need for separate tools to draft, edit, negotiate, search, store, analyze, e-signature, and more. View all contracts, proactively monitor for strong compliance, increase visibility, and evaluate progress in a centralized dashboard.

Our Solution
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Key Features

Centralized Dashboards

Empower Contract Managers and departmental leaders to easily evaluate and measure progress toward milestones and deliverables in one place.

Milestone Management

Suppliers can upload forms and documentation to demonstrate their completed work, and/or upload invoices showing how they’re drawing down against their awarded contract.

Searchable Document Repository

Program staff can search and access historical documents and current projects based on global search terms and text within a contract.

Reports and Insights

Managers and leaders have a holistic view of all contracts across a department or agency to see commonalities, trends, and valuable insights.

Supplier Management

Vendors are empowered to create profiles they can maintain with up-to-date information, including insurance, certifications, and standard forms.

Pre-qualified Vendor Benches

Program staff can create benches of vendors sorted by specific attributes such as DBBE participation, geographic coverage, or specialized services or capabilities. Vendor benches may be used in emergency procurements to create pre-qualified vendor pools.

Proactive Monitoring for Strong Compliance

Proactively send vendor notifications for required documents or certification expiration.

Accounts Payable

Program staff can track and manage critical vendor payments, invoices, and purchase order activity.

Track Renewals and Expirations

Clear communications alert suppliers and contract managers that a contract is nearing expiration or completion.

Why Authorium?

Assured Compliance

Ensure compliance with state contracting manuals and code compliance.

Increased Visibility

Actionable and real-time analytics identify bottlenecks and provide insight into the status and progress of solicitations.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline the creation of complex documents and collaborate, in real-time, across organizations.

Greater Effectiveness

Deliver the best possible outcomes for government programs and their beneficiaries.