The Problem

The Problem

Departments and agencies must continuously demonstrate the value of their programs to compete for, win, and retain funding in competitive government budgets.

Our Solution

At Authorium, we’ve purpose-built our enterprise solution for government agencies with complex, document-centered processes – such as budget change proposals – to accelerate time to result while ensuring compliance, insight, and oversight.

Authorium enables you to standardize the journey and improve the quality of budget change proposals. Our solution guides users with time-saving templates,
helpful language, a collaborative editor, and powerful workflow and approval tools. Explore our most valued budgeting features.

Our Solution
Market Research Procurement Strategy

Template Management:

Standardized Templates:

Standardized templates for budget proposals include tailored prompts for the various narrative sections in the California DF-46 form. The type, category, and other variations of the identified need can refine prompts.

Dynamic Fields:

Incorporate dynamic fields in the DF-46 Cover Page and Narrative that automatically pull in relevant data, like Program Resources and Workload History, from integrated databases.

Collaborative Document Editing:

Real-Time Collaboration:

Multiple users from different divisions can collaborate on the same document in real-time, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Version Control:

Track changes and maintain document versions to ensure the most current and accurate information is used.

Workflow Automation:

Approval Processes:

Automate the internal review and approval processes, routing documents to the necessary stakeholders, including division heads.

Deadline Reminders:

Set reminders for submission deadlines to ensure timely completion and submission to the Department of Finance.

Integration with Financial Systems:

Fiscal Detail Section:

Seamlessly integrate with financial systems to populate the Fiscal Detail section accurately and efficiently.

Generative AI Writing Assistance:

Guidance on Tone and Content:

Generative AI suggests writing style and content based on the target audience and library of successful budget proposals.

Access Control and Security:

Role-Based Access:

Control who can view, edit, or approve documents based on their role in the organization to maintain document integrity and security.

Supplemental Information Management:

Attachments and Supporting Documents:

Allow for easy attachment of supplemental information, such as organizational charts, workload standards, and additional resource details.

Comprehensive Review Features:

Feedback and Commenting Tools:

Enable stakeholders to provide feedback directly on the document, facilitating a thorough review per the budget proposal narrative requirements.

Performance Metrics and Reporting:

Proposal Development & Approval Tracking:

Track and report the completion status of each section, monitor the time taken from initiation to approval and visualize progress across a portfolio of budget proposals.

Outcome Tracking:

Track and report the outcomes and accountability metrics as required in the budget proposal document.

Archiving and Retrieval:

Surface historical budget proposals that received funding:

Store completed budget proposals in an organized manner for easy retrieval and reference in the future.