Financial ERP Integration

Connect critical applications to break down data silos and improve efficiency.

government procurement contracts

Connect critical applications to break down data silos and improve efficiency.

The Problem

The Problem

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are critical to many government operations. However, connecting distinct applications sometimes comes with challenges, given agencies’ unique requirements. ERP system integration projects in the past have been notoriously difficult to plan, execute, and manage, resulting in errors and delays.

Our Solution

Authorium’s platform can be integrated with leading ERP systems through standard connectors and API integration. We also support batch files or robotic process automation.

Connect procurement processes in Authorium’s platform to mission critical applications, such as a financial ERP system, to break down data silos. Streamline operations, reduce manual and duplicative work, and increase efficiency with tasks including expense tracking, vendor payments, and budget draw-downs.

Get access and visibility into real-time budget tracking, alerts to prevent overspending, and leverage departmental data to improve fiscal management.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Reduce Errors

Centralize Data

Why Authorium?

Assured Compliance

Ensure compliance with state contracting manuals and code compliance.

Increased Visibility

Actionable and real-time analytics identify bottlenecks and provide insight into the status and progress of solicitations.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline the creation of complex documents and collaborate, in real-time, across organizations.

Greater Effectiveness

Deliver the best possible outcomes for government programs and their beneficiaries.