Our implementation services ensure you are up
and running smoothly.

Federal procurement market research

Our implementation services ensure you are up
and running smoothly.

The Problem

The Problem

Some companies just sell you software.  We believe that our job isn’t ‘done’ until you’ve been onboarded, feel comfortable with our platform, have bonded with your customer success person, and are fully trained on how to get the most value from your investment in Authorium.

Our Solution

We offer complete implementation services.  Our goal is to make you and your team productive with our module(s) within a matter of weeks versus months or even years that can be required for complex, ERP-type systems.  We can do this because our applications were built from the ground up for government, allowing us to focus on configuring each of our products for your success versus customizing a more generic solution.

Our Solution
Procurement Market Research Analysis

Key Features

Training of the end users themselves and/or super users in a train-the-trainer format

Onboarding of end users into the system; establishment of permissions over various sections of solicitations based on granular permission architecture

Uploading of all exhibits and attachments needed for compliance purposes for one-click access when creating solicitations, contracts, and grant applications

Integration with business logic used by ServiceNow or the equivalent

Integration with legacy systems as required

Access to a resource center with how-to tips and helpful videos

Access to Customer Success via chat or email 24/7

Dedicated Technical Account Manager (optional)

Phased Approach

Typically, we take a phased approach to implementation.

Training and onboarding focus on a small number of agency leaders and procurement officers who will be using the products in a hands-on fashion. We want to make sure the initial training/onboarding “sticks” before moving on to train and onboard the remainder of your end users.

We find this phased approach greatly reduces risk and increases the likelihood of product acceptance.

Customer Success people at Authorium stay with you every step of the way, to answer questions and help with implementation issues as they come up.

Phased Approach
ERP System Procurement Diagram

Authorium University

Full-Service Training Experience

After your agency or department kicks off with Authorium, our comprehensive and customized training experience,
Authorium University enables your team to unlock their full potential.

Empower Your Team for Long-Term Success

Train-the-Trainer model

Teaches teams how to efficiently master the platform in the context of your team processes and to teach others at your organization.

Scalable tools

Enable staff to become expert instructors themselves, empowering teams to effectively grow and adapt

Variety of training options

Self-paced learning, live webinars, and tailored onsite classroom-style sessions.

Help Center

Packed with guides, resources, and best practices

Classroom-style Instruction

Ideal for: Personalized in-person learning, unique business processes and change management programs

  • We bring in-person training directly to you and go beyond the basics to equip your team with skills and knowledge to drive real results.
  • Expert trainers don’t just teach software, they engage and empower your team in the ultimate learning experience made exclusively for your organization’s needs.

Self-Paced Training and Certifications

Ideal for: New Authorium users, asynchronous learning, validating your teams’ skills

Learn the basics to get started:

  • Key concepts and terminology
  • Core features
  • Best practices for beginners

Enable staff to get up and running quickly, based on the unique needs of their role. Complete a course, pass a quiz, and earn your first Authorium University Certification. Additional annual certifications are available for further skill comprehension.

Virtual Team Training

Ideal for: Collaborative, customized group learning for an entire team

  • Led by a live, Authorium authorized instructor
  • Customized course material that is most relevant to your work and applicable to each module, user role, and level.
  • Hands-on labs that get everyone learning by doing with the most relevant exercises

Personalized Coaching

Ideal for: Anything from quick questions to complex problems

No concern is too small. Get the guidance and support you need to succeed. Our team of experts are responsive and ready to help you with personalized 1:1 coaching.

Help Center

Ideal for: Self-directed learning, 24/7 access to elevate skills

Get started in minutes and find the answers and guidance to meet your needs, with:

  • Self-service articles
  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Best practices

Master the Authorium platform at your own pace, anytime, anywhere

Talk to us today about how Authorium University’s tailored training approach can support your team’s journey and sustained success.

How We Protect Your Data

All of the information that we transmit and store is encrypted using advanced algorithms that meet or exceed FIPS 140-2 standards – the bar that the Federal Government uses to approve cryptographic modules for their use.

Access to your data is strictly controlled by you, through our innovative organization, project, document, and even section-level role-based access control (RBAC) model.

All of your data is securely replicated to multiple data centers, which allows us to quickly enact point-in-time recovery when a disaster or security incident occurs.
Security and encryption keys are always securely kept in hardware security modules (HSM) based Key Management Services that also meet NIST and FIPS 140-2 controls.

Your Identity, Your Control

Authorium connects with your Identity Provider (IdP) in Azure Active Directory (Entra) so that you can control the password policy and multi-factor authentication requirements and provide seamless onboarding/offboarding controls to meet your own security requirements.

Our enterprise solution can also optionally provide non-Active Directory username/password accounts when you need external collaborators outside your organization. These accounts are always under your control and can be removed anytime.

Always Your Data, Defended

Your data is always immediately accessible and can be exported at any time. In the event of contract termination, we will delete all copies of your data after 60 days.

We will never use your data without your agreement. And when we have your agreement, your data is only used for support purposes. Authorium defends your data using well-established policies designed to handle incidents or vulnerabilities quickly.

Intrusion Prevention

Authorium’s production systems surround Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, including advanced Web Application Firewalls and Secure Network Routing. We employ the principle of least privilege for all systems and infrastructure to control access tightly only when needed.

Our continuous monitoring and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems provide 24×7 protection against malicious behavior – such as data breaches, external attacks, or ransomware.

Secure Hiring

We hire US-based employees and contractors after a complete set of criminal, education, and employment background checks in line with the federal requirements to ensure you can trust our team. Everyone undergoes security awareness training and accepts our information security policies.