Document Development

Simplify and streamline the creation of complex documents.

Document processing platform for efficiency

Simplify and streamline the creation of complex documents.

The Problem

The Problem

Building competitive procurements is complex and requires many stakeholders and documents. It’s a rigorous and structured process to ensure transparency, fairness, and efficiency. More often than not, teams are forced to rely on siloed desktop legacy applications to complete the processes end-to-end, resulting in significant challenges:

  • Inability to collaborate and communicate in real-time
  • Lack of visibility into the status of documents
  • Compliance issues and increased risks of negative audit findings 
  • Significant delays and inefficiencies

Our Solution

Authorium simplifies and streamlines this process with Document Builder – the core of the Authorium Document Process Automation solution. Document Builder dramatically accelerates the fundamental procurement, contracts, grants, and budgeting processes, facilitating a faster time to result.

Engineered for remote work and collaboration, Document Builder makes it easy to manage hundreds of subject matter experts' contributions, ensuring strict compliance, eliminating version control headaches, and incorporating existing business logic and process flows.

Our Solution
ERP System Procurement Diagram

Key Features

Policy & Business Rules Engine

Answer a handful of questions upfront, and the solution automatically generates the exact document set you need in real-time.

Collaboration tools and version history

Multiple users can work on the latest version of the document at the same time in the cloud, eliminating version control headaches.

ADA compliance and addendum generation

The platform ensures compliance with state law and reduces the need for additional staff to provide ADA checks.

Built-in intelligence

Unlock hidden data in your documents and turn it into structured data for greater insight and accountability.

Real-time Analytics

Actionable analysis and reports identify bottlenecks and provide insight into the progress and status of documents.

Why Authorium?

Assured Compliance

Ensure compliance with state contracting manuals and code compliance.

Increased Visibility

Actionable and real-time analytics identify bottlenecks and provide insight into the status and progress of solicitations.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline the creation of complex documents and collaborate, in real-time, across organizations.

Greater Effectiveness

Deliver the best possible outcomes for government programs and their beneficiaries.