Online Submission & Evaluation

Submitting Government Contract Bids and Evaluating Submissions Has Never Been Easier or More Convenient.

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Submitting Government Contract Bids and Evaluating Submissions Has Never Been Easier or More Convenient.

The Problem

The Problem

Maintaining fairness and compliance in the evaluation process is critical to avoid delays in awarding a contract. The challenge lies in ensuring that all vendors are evaluated equally and that evaluation criteria are applied consistently. 

Government procurement often involves a diverse pool of vendors ranging from large corporations to small and minority-owned enterprises. Evaluating submissions from a broad group while considering their unique capabilities and limitations is tough. 

To solve this, many agencies have turned to Microsoft Excel workbooks containing complex criteria and formulas to manage this process, often introducing unintended errors and delaying the procurement process.

Our Solution

Gone are the days of flash and zip drives. No more printing and courier services. Authorium’s online submission portal is the most advanced, efficient, and cost-effective means to manage and share documents. 

Authorium replaces evaluation workbooks with a modern, flexible approach. Our no-code platform supports evaluations ranging from the very simple to the complex. 

Our Solution
Procurement Market Research Analysis

Key Features

Invite Participants

Using Authorium, procurement officers and grant administrators can invite evaluators to participate.  Assign evaluators to review all submissions or selective submissions, depending on your specific protocol.

Capture Scores Anonymously

Capture scores from evaluators automatically with the safety and security you’ve come to expect from Authorium. Granular permissions protect the anonymity of evaluators and ensure that results are not tampered with.

Flexible Scoring Schema

Our no-code solution calculates the final scores based on your selected weighting schema. We support all types of scoring, from the most simple to the most complex. Of course, you can change the scoring schema on the fly as needed.

Phased Approach

Support a phased approach to scoring. In phase 1, vendors or jurisdictions often must prove they meet qualifications before they go onto phase 2 of the evaluation. Phase 2 focuses on factors specific to the procurement or grant.

Why Authorium?

Assured Compliance

Ensure compliance with state contracting manuals and code compliance.

Increased Visibility

Actionable and real-time analytics identify bottlenecks and provide insight into the status and progress of solicitations.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline the creation of complex documents and collaborate, in real-time, across organizations.

Greater Effectiveness

Deliver the best possible outcomes for government programs and their beneficiaries.