Streamlining government complexity, seamlessly.

We Accelerate Procurement, Budgeting, Policies, HR, Contracts, and Grant Management for Government Agencies

Solve the most urgent problems facing your jurisdiction 50-70% faster by modernizing and automating document-centric processes. Unlock the data hidden in your documents and make that data available everywhere you need it. Government agencies choose Authorium to enable data-driven decision-making and rapidly implement a user-friendly platform that can easily be configured to support specific government workflows.

Why Authorium?

The Authorium platform uses advanced technologies to automate and streamline complex processes in government that rely on disparate data, documents, and archaic systems. We unlock the data hidden in documents and files to empower organizations to turn their work into structured data for ingestion into other mission-critical operational systems, increase visibility, and enable data-driven actions.

We elevate the efforts of government employees by enabling tasks, comments, reviews, and approvals to happen in one place. Committed to helping government organizations meet their goals, we provide white glove service and lasting impact in support of a department’s mission and targeted outcomes.


Faster time-to-results for procurement,
contracts, grants, budgeting


The value of solicitations, contracts, and
grants running through our platform each year


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in government previously


Cloud-based platform
uptime rate

We Provide Solutions For


Keep procurement timelines on track, increase vendor participation by streamlining submissions, and boost efficiency.


Generate contracts that maximize value, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance, every step of the way.


Improve submissions and easily manage grant administration. Track every dollar and stay on top of drawdowns.


Accelerate budget documents and change requests; unlock data hidden within documents.

End-To-End Solutions

Improve HR, policy, and contract management. Integrate with existing systems; automate and streamline complex processes.

Our Services

Our value doesn’t end with our platform. Authorium works side-by-side with CIOs, CPOs, Budget Directors, Deputy Administrators, and other agency leaders to streamline the workflows around procurement, policies, contracts, HR, grants, and budgeting. From launching on the platform for the first time, to expanding how complex processes leverage Authorium, to providing continued updates, we ensure that staff and the programs they oversee are always well-supported.

Professional Services

Let us take a closer look at your existing complex processes and collaborate to holistically address the technology, people, and processes required to make a program successful.


We provide white glove service and lasting impact to get your team up and running in weeks. Unlock the value of data trapped in documents to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Enable data-driven decision making.


Every Authorium customer gains access to a dedicated team of support specialists and valuable learning resources to learn the essentials. We offer customized support plans to meet individual project goals.

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About Us

Authorium is a cloud-based platform to improve government procurement, budget, policies, HR and grant processes in the service of enabling data-driven decision making. Authorium automates complex processes and transforms traditional documents and files into interactive, actionable resources. We unlock the value of data trapped in documents to enable everyone – from project specialists to CIOs to Deputy Administrators – to gain meaningful, mission-critical insights.

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