Contract Administration

Simplify and streamline contract creation, negotiation, amendments, and renewals.

Government Document Management

Simplify and streamline contract creation, negotiation, amendment, and renewals.

The Problem

The Problem

Contract management takes significant time and without adequate oversight can result in an agency's intended outcomes not being met.

Complexities include:

  • Understanding and incorporating legal requirements into a contract
  • Keeping up with changes in laws and regulations
  • Finding the right balance between legal precision and plain language
  • Anticipating potential risks and contingencies to protect public funds

  • Our Solution

    Generate contracts that maximize value, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and clearly spell out requirements and expectations, as set forth in the solicitation documentation.

    The Authorium platform enables the creation of high-quality contracts that incorporate the most current regulatory language, leverages the work of successful contracts that have been previously published, and facilitates effective communication and coordination among staff, legal teams, and chosen vendors. Manage changes and gain visibility into documentation and approvals, without leaving the platform.

    Our Solution
    Document automation made easy

    Key Features

    Seamless Document Copying

    Copy contract-specific data from a solicitation to a contract effortlessly.

    Amendment and Renewal

    Maintain a comprehensive and accurate record of changes.

    Collaborative Editing

    Empower program, legal, and executive staff to collaborate in real-time.

    Why Authorium?

    Assured Compliance

    Ensure compliance with state contracting manuals and code compliance.

    Increased Visibility

    Actionable and real-time analytics identify bottlenecks and provide insight into the status and progress of solicitations.

    Improved Efficiency

    Streamline the creation of complex documents and collaborate, in real-time, across organizations.

    Greater Effectiveness

    Deliver the best possible outcomes for government programs and their beneficiaries.