Let us introduce ourselves: we’re Authorium.

Authorium for Procurement

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that City Innovate is now Authorium. After a decade of helping governments use technology to solve their most pressing challenges, we’re changing our name to better live up to this mission. Keep reading to learn more about what we do and the story behind our new name.

Q: What does Authorium do?

A: Government agencies oversee complex procurement, budgeting, legal, policy, HR, and grant management processes. The Authorium platform is the foundation that enables agencies to streamline this work to operate more efficiently and effectively, while freeing up staff time for higher value work.

Authorium provides the infrastructure for more than $25 billion in goods and services acquisition for government customers. Our platform helps agencies tackle important efforts from helping communities rebuild following natural disasters to ensuring access to high-quality healthcare. 

Throughout the past ten years of working with government organizations, Authorium team members have heard the challenges that Deputy CIOs, Project Managers, and Administrators face when:

  • Developing complex documents,
  • Collaborating with people on other teams,
  • Managing, reviewing, and approving requests,
  • Identifying qualified suppliers, and
  • Awarding contracts.

Government agencies choose Authorium to enable data-driven decision-making and rapidly implement a user-friendly platform that can be configured based on specific government workflows

Q: Why did you change your name?

A: The short answer is that our old name no longer encompasses the breadth of work that we do. While serving cities and municipalities is still a part of our mission, today our platform enables state, federal, and large local governments to improve efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, and visibility during complex processes. Since our founding in 2014, we’ve expanded our platform based on the needs of the governments we serve, and our new name helps us express this evolution.

Q: How did you choose this name?

A: Choosing a new name isn’t easy and we won’t belabor the process, but we’d like to share some of the thinking behind our new identity.

  • au·thor·ship: the state or fact of being the writer of a book, article, or document
  • au·thor·i·ty: a person or organization having power or control in a particular sphere

When we hear the name, Authorium, we think about authorship and authority, two of the functions that we provide to agencies. Through the Authorium platform, government teams are able to author documents more efficiently and complete critical processes that enable agencies to serve as an authority on their programs and services. The first part of the company’s name emphasizes the creation and authorship aspects of documentation, while the “-ium” suffix creates a sense of space or an environment (such as an auditorium or aquarium). Together, Authorium forms a comprehensive environment for authoring and management of through every step of complex processes in government.

Q: Is the whole company changing?

A: Absolutely not. We haven’t been bought. We’re not going through a radical transformation. We remain committed to our founding mission. If you’re following us on LinkedIn, you might notice our new logo, but otherwise, you can continue to expect:

  • White-glove service provided by Authorium’s experienced team
  • No-code platform built for complex government processes
  • Continued commitment to the government workers who serve their communities

Our name change reflects a deep commitment to the government agencies that are served by the Authorium platform, and recognition of the importance of government leaders and staff members to be able to author, automate, and effectively own their document-centric processes. Reach out to us to request a demo of the Authorium platform.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.