Transforms government administration functions into a unified platform from initiation to completion

Today, City Innovate – the technology company behind its eponymous cloud-based platform used by governments to improve procurement, contracting, policy, HR, and grant management processes – is rebranding and changing its name to Authorium. The name change better reflects the federal, state, and large local government agencies that rely on the platform to improve their ability to author critical documents and serve as an authority on complex government processes and services.

The Authorium platform provides the infrastructure for more than $25 billion in goods and services acquisition for government customers. The rebrand and name change being announced today, reflects a deep commitment to the government agencies that are served by Authorium, and recognition of the importance of government leaders and staff members to be able to author, automate, and effectively own their document-centric processes.

“Since our inception in 2014, we’ve set out to solve the biggest challenges for agencies with complex, document-centric processes, and ten years later, we have witnessed the transformative role technology plays to drive efficiency and effectiveness for leading government agencies nationwide,” said Jay Nath, Co-CEO and Founder of Authorium. “As we continue to expand our capabilities in direct response to the needs of the governments we serve – such as harnessing Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) within guardrails for government – we remain focused on Authorium’s ability to revolutionize government administration.”

“We’ve been guided by a vision that provides exceptional service that exceeds expectations by solving the needs of governments quickly and effectively, and fosters an environment for growth and initiative. We’ve believed in these ideas since our founding and today’s Authorium announcement doubles down on these commitments,” said Kamran Saddique, Co-CEO and Founder of Authorium. “The Authorium platform enables governments to take ownership and make meaningful changes in their work to increase visibility, collaboration, efficiency, and compliance, resulting in more effective programs.”

Jay Nath, former Chief Innovation Officer for the City of San Francisco, and Kamran Saddique, an experienced business leader in financial and technology spaces, have grown and nurtured a dedicated workforce at Authorium that shares the belief that governments deserve access to technology to solve urgent problems with unprecedented speed and ease of use; over 60% of Authorium employees have served in government themselves.

The name change supports this dedication to public service and demonstrates the important work that government procurement, contracting, policy, HR, and grant managers do to serve their people and communities. The first part of the company’s name emphasizes the creation and authorship aspects of documentation, while the “-ium” suffix creates a sense of space or an environment (such as an auditorium or aquarium). Together, Authorium forms a comprehensive environment for authoring and management of through every step of complex processes in government.

About Authorium
Authorium combines compliance, productivity, and collaboration functionality in one end-to-end platform to consolidate siloed legacy applications in government. We unlock data hidden within documents to power data-driven decision-making and support other critical operational systems. Designed for government agencies with complex processes, such as procurement, budgeting, and grant management, our platform ensures regulatory compliance, facilitates collaboration and visibility, and increases agency efficiency – freeing up staff for higher-value work. Authorium’s deep institutional knowledge and real-world government experience are unparalleled by other companies. Learn more at